Dave Ramsey ELP

Who is Dave Ramsey? Dave Ramsey founded a series of financial education classes to help others after he made, and lost, $1 million. His Financial Peace University (FPU) is offered locally to help people reduce debt, save money and enjoy life. More info at www.DaveRamsey.com .

What is an ELP? ELPs are endorsed local providers that have earned Dave Ramsey’s endorsement by offering coverages and strategies taught in his classes.

Why an ELP? We are happy to sit down face to face with you to review your coverages instead of you dealing with a faceless 800 number. Insurance coverage isn’t one size fits all. Our office prides itself on having “the heart of a teacher” – your coverages will be explained clearly and thoroughly, in plain English, so you make the decision that fits your strategy.


Why Patti Generale? Patti chose to open an independent agency because of her commitment to integrity and our clients – you are family to us! Dave’s financial values have been espoused by Patti for a long time. We understand and agree with Dave’s values, that you need to protect your assets from varied perils including liability situations and inflation. We offer choices such as higher deductibles, liability, uninsured motorist and term life insurance to help you achieve your financial plan.

Whether you are starting out or working on your legacy, we can design a plan for you.