We are so excited about Tammy Gleason and Canopy Insurance. Tammy has been handling our business and personal insurance needs for many years. We have always felt confident that she has our best interest at heart. She is integrity minded, professional, friendly and has always been there when we need her. We are thrilled and wish her all the success she deserves.

Carmine & Pamela Ferraro

Carmel Development, LLC

Port St John, FL


I am a new business owner in port saint john. After searching multiple agents around the state I decided to look in my own back yard and found Tammy Gleason. She and her staff were able to save me several thousand dollars on my fleet insurance and general liability. Then she really blew me away when I needed a one day addendum for a special event. I told her what I wanted and by the time I had called the venue the find out what they wanted she had beat me to it and made all the arrangements for me. As if that wasn’t enough, she saved me another $50 in the process!!

Thanks Tammy!

Jeff Perkins,

Perkins Shellfish


Please know how much we value you on the professional level. As to the personal side of things we will always feel honored to call and count you as a friend. You are going to do wonderful things!

Our best wishes,

Bob and Evan R


Tammy you are a doll. Thank you for confirming that we are with a good company should we require assistance at some point. I know you will only steer us to the best companies!

You are a star…we thank you for all you do for us!

Polly & Gene P