Liability Umbrella Insurance




Juries decide damages based on the severity of an accident and not on your ability to pay those damages?

More than 80% of catastrophic accidents involve motor vehicles?

You could lose your home and other assets such as:

  • savings accounts,
  • stocks and bonds,
  • distributions and withdrawals from a retirement account,
  • a rental dwelling or
  • that lot in Georgia due to a court judgement?

Note: if your home is homesteaded in FL, your home cannot be taken away from you. But a lien can be put on your home so you cannot sell, finance or refinance it.


A personal liability umbrella can give you $1M or more of coverage that extends above your car, home and boat insurance limits for worldwide coverage. You also get coverage for slander/libel and legal defense costs. An umbrella policy may only be a couple of hundred dollars a year for good drivers.

Your home is safe. Your lifestyle is safe. You’re safe.

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